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I’m currently a student at The University of Edinburgh and a software engineer where I helped develop applications for the public and private sector. My expertise includes IoT, cloud computing, robotics, and unmanned aerial vehicle technology. I enjoy generating new ideas and devising feasible solutions to broadly relevant problems. Currently, I’m seeking opportunities that will allow me to develop and promote technologies that benefit digitalization and optimization.


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2021 - present

Electronics and Computer Science - University of Edinburgh

CompSoc Edinburgh • SIGINT – Cyber Security Society at The University of Edinburgh • Edinburgh University Embedded and Robotics Society • Edinburgh University Mountaineering Club • Edinburgh University Singapore Society

SEPT 2023 - present

Founder and President - CloudSIG

Founded a student-led, student-driven user group focused on learning about the cloud and teaching students about the AWS Cloud and its various use cases.

JUN - AUG 2024

Technology Analyst - MORGAN STANLEY

Developing and implementing data loss prevention strategies by deploying and configuring DLP tools and technologies to safeguard sensitive data by automating assessments and data flow analysis to identify vulnerabilities.

JUN - AUG 2023

Technology Analyst - Barclays

Developed and maintained an internal risk, finance, and treasury tool by integrating front-end user interfaces with the backend systems and databases.

2020 - 2023

Co-Founder - Kuhaku

Kuhaku is a startup that provides technology services and solutions in consulting, digital, technology, and more. We are proud to have provided customized solutions to companies such as Meta and Air Group.

APR 2023

Technology Spring Insight - Morgan Stanley

Learned about application development and enterprise engineering in the organisation, practiced soft skills, and core principles, and participated in a charity session for Children's Hospices Across Scotland (CHAS).

APR 2023

Spring Insight - Moody's Corporation

Discovered Moody’s analytics and did a credit rating case study to with the industry’s leading analytical, data, risk assessment model, and software for bond credit rating.

JUN - JUL 2022

Cross Platform Mobile Engineer - Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore

Developed user-focused mobile applications with a spectrum of design, well-architected, clean and compliant code using agile development while ensuring good user experiences for our users both visually and in terms of workflow.

SEP 2021 - MAR 2022

Software Engineer - HYPED - Edinburgh Hyperloop

Identified optimization problems, analyzed bugs, errors, and developed unit tests. Worked together with the team to enhance and improve performance and reliability via developing a debug module for track testing.

JUN - AUG 2021

Data Engineer - Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore

Extract, transform and load large and complex maritime datasets to solve difficult and non-routine analysis problems. Defined and developed metrics, built and used web scrapping to provide insights into maritime.

MAR - MAY 2021

Software Engineer - Housing & Development Board

Designed cloud architecture and implemented a scalable and cost-effective serverless application for the government commercial cloud. Performed user interface research and front-end development of government digital services.

SEP 2020 - FEB 2021

Robotics Engineer - NCS Group

Developed and implemented an algorithm with database optimization to manage robots of various robot operating systems using Commercial Cloud Services (C2S). This involves profiling, optimization, and algorithms for applications such as pathfinding, route scheduler, and performing de-conflict.

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